Poly Vinyl Fluoride 3/16" X 25' Brake Line Coil

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Poly Vinyl Fluoride 3/16" X 25' Brake Line Coil

PVF (Poly Vinyl Fluoride) coated brake, fuel, transmission and oil cooler lines have been used by import car manufacturers since the early nineties. PVF coated lines which will extend the life of brake and all fluid carrying lines.

Fluid carrying lines on vehicles today are subjected to more than just rock salt and sand which has and continues to be used to combat ice and snow on our roads.

In the past five or six years liquid sodium chloride in massive quantities has been introduced to our roads and used in many northern and eastern seaboard communities in both Canada and the United States.

Sodium Chloride is applied before the storm has arrived and is moved around on the undercarriage of vehicles passing over it.

Although Sodium Chloride has shown to be more effective in making roads safer it has major consequences for the undercarriage of vehicles.

Fluid carrying lines including critical application hydraulic brake fluid lines are corroding and failing in shorter time with the brake line lasting five to eight years as opposed to the nine to twelve years which was the average only ten years ago.

PVF does provide significant protection against all road elements mentioned above and is what technicians are seeing on the vehicles that are coming into their shops today.

With the exception of General Motors virtually all car manufacturers have gone to coated lines like PVF.

Garage owners and technicians alike are demanding PVF lines for their customer vehicles as Zinc plated lines the standard for many years will not stand up to the harsh environments of today.

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